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Friday, March 15, 2019

At Brooke's house, Quinn asked Ridge where Brooke kept the serving pieces. He told Quinn to check in the hutch in the kitchen. Ridge thought he should help her, but he didn't even know what was in there. Quinn said it was fine, and she'd handle everything.

The somber Taylor and Steffy arrived. Steffy hugged Ridge and said she was sorry. Ridge informed her that Eric was in the den, making phone calls. Taylor replied that with one phone call, one's life changed forever. Ridge hugged her.

Eric joined everyone in the main room. He said he'd called Bill, who'd sounded shaky. Quinn asked Steffy to help her in the kitchen. As they walked through the living room, their gazes narrowed on a framed photo on the table, and they stopped to stare at it. Ridge said he'd put it out there. Picking it up, he said, "Caroline...such a terrible loss."

Later, Ridge, Steffy, Taylor, Eric, and Quinn had coffee in the living room. Quinn asked how and when it had happened. Taylor replied that it had been a sudden blood clot, and she hadn't wanted to push for details from Thomas. Ridge reasoned that Thomas could tell them when he arrived.

Eric suggested that one of them return to New York with Thomas to help him "square things away." Taylor said that they should let Thomas tell them what he wanted. Steffy figured he'd want to be home. Ridge told them not to overwhelm "the boy," who'd tell them what he wanted when he was ready. Taylor said that, so far, Thomas had only wanted to know how to tell Douglas.

Ridge responded that the child was very young. Eric said Douglas might be too young to understand, and it might be a good thing. Steffy assumed Douglas would feel abandoned. Eric said they wouldn't let Douglas feel that way, and they'd keep his mother's spirit alive.

Looking at Caroline's picture, Ridge said he'd loved everything about her. Caroline had lived life out loud, and she'd unapologetically relished it. He had, too. He said she'd been full of joy, laughter, and tears. She'd had a passion for work and the world. He added that she'd also had a passion for the people in her life. He'd never met anyone like that, and he didn't think any of them ever would again.

At Spencer, Katie arrived as Bill stared out of his window. He said that it was a beautiful day, and people were going about their business. He asked if she'd told Will yet. Katie hadn't because she'd figured that Bill would want to do it. "Not today," Bill replied. She stated that she'd dropped Will off at school and had driven to Spencer to check on Bill. He thanked her, and she hugged him from behind.

Later, Wyatt, Sally, Hope, and Liam had arrived. "A blot clot?" Wyatt said. Bill replied that he hadn't wanted to tell them on the phone. Hope asked if the Forresters knew. Bill said that Eric had called, and Hope asked what they could do. Bill replied to keep them in her thoughts.

Bill was sure that the news would soon be out, and he said that Karen was sending him a draft of the obituary so that he could add details of Caroline's life in California to it. Katie said Caroline had grown up a lot in a short amount of time, professionally and personally.

Bill knew what everyone was thinking. He stated that it was about the lie he'd told. "Now, it's become true," he sadly said. Katie told him not to think that Caroline's death was his fault. Hope said that every life changed the world, and their lives were influenced by people who might or might not be there anymore.

Later, Katie, Bill, Wyatt, Liam, Sally, and Hope arrived at Ridge's house. Katie and Ridge said that they'd talked to Brooke about Caroline. Katie added that Brooke wanted to catch a flight home, but the weather was bad. Ridge wished Brooke would remain put and concentrate on Rick. Eric chimed in that he'd talked to Rick. Ridge figured there was nothing Brooke could do at home, but Katie stated that Brooke could be there for Ridge.

Wyatt, Liam, Hope, and Sally talked to Steffy about how Thomas was doing. Steffy relayed that her father had said Thomas was numb and not sleeping. Steffy asked how they were. Wyatt said that Caroline had been the closest thing to a sister he'd had. Liam recalled that Caroline had just sent him a photo of Douglas at a sleepover.

Just then, Thomas arrived with Douglas. A voiceover announced that the role of Thomas Forrester was being played by Matthew Atkinson.

Ridge greeted Thomas and Douglas with hugs. Taylor sobbed that she was sorry and heartbroken for Thomas, and they hugged. Steffy told Douglas that he was handsome enough to model for the company. He replied that his mommy "used to" say that, too.

Eric let Thomas know that they were all there for him and for whatever he needed. "That would be this," Thomas replied, and Steffy hugged him. Bill and Sally hung back as the others gathered around Thomas and Douglas near the foyer.

Later, Liam and Wyatt mentioned to Thomas that Caroline had said he'd had something to ask them. Thomas conveyed that Caroline had wanted her cousins to be Douglas' godparents in case something happened to her and Thomas. The brothers were honored to be the two godfathers.

Bill approached, and Liam and Wyatt strode off. Thomas said that he was sorry for Bill's loss. Bill appreciated the sentiment, but he believed that he'd lost Caroline long before the others had. Thomas said that Bill was mistaken, and Caroline had looked up to Bill as the male authority in her life, even when he hadn't deserved it.

Bill admitted that things hadn't been good between him and Caroline when he'd last seen her. Thomas replied that Bill should know that Caroline had forgiven him.

On the sofa, Hope got Douglas settled in with a tablet. Hope asked Douglas if he was looking for someone. Douglas stared around blankly. Hope said that sometimes, they couldn't help but look for people who weren't there anymore, and Hope did it, too. Hope asked if he wanted to get a drink from the kitchen, and he readily nodded.

Wyatt found Sally in a corner. She didn't know what to say to Thomas. Wyatt was sure Thomas didn't know what to say, either, but Wyatt thought it would still be okay. Sally strode up to Thomas and welcomed him home. Thomas said that it was her home again, too.

Sally replied that it hadn't been a soft landing. Thomas apologized, but she concluded that it had been the best thing for both of them. Sally was sorry for every wrong and hurtful thing that had happened between them, and she was very sorry that Caroline was gone. Thomas and Sally hugged each other.

"Daddy, mommy's here!" Douglas said. The room grew silent, and Douglas pointed to the photo on the table. Hope stated that she and Douglas were on the way to the kitchen, and she prodded the boy to continue walking with her.

Thomas picked up the photo. He told everyone that they were giving him what he needed. Being there reminded him that they understood him, and he said that Caroline had gotten him, too. He stated that Caroline had known he hadn't been at home in New York, and "we'd talked about the possibility -- we talked about a lot of the things we'll never do now."

Thomas said that Caroline would be glad that he and Douglas were there. The sobbing Taylor said they were, too, and they'd missed Thomas terribly. Ridge added that it wasn't easy, but Thomas was home, surrounded by friends and family. Steffy approached, and Thomas, Taylor, Ridge, and Steffy all held each other.

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