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Friday, March 15, 2019

At Doug's Place, Ciara helped Julie set up for dinner. Julie asked Ciara if she was feeling better. "I just want to put the whole incident [with Jordan] behind me," Ciara said. With a grumble, Julie said she was not surprised that Jordan was as bad as the rest of her family. Ciara asked Julie to stop talking about the Westons. With a shrug, Julie apologized for talking ill of Ciara's boyfriend.

"He's not my boyfriend. Anymore," Ciara said. Julie's eyebrows raised high in both surprise and mild glee. "So, you've finally seen the light about Ben?" Julie asked hopefully. "Actually, Grandma, he broke up with me," Ciara corrected. Ciara told Julie what had happened after the incident with Jordan. Ciara said she was certain that Ben would never hurt her, but Julie countered that if Ben had doubts, Ciara should, too.

"It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. [Ben] sees himself as someone who's too damaged to live a normal life. To be a decent person. Someone who is deserving of love and respect," Ciara said. Ciara added that without anyone to dissuade Ben from those thoughts, Ben would become the monster that he feared. Julie advised Ciara to remember that Ben could snap at any moment. Upset, Ciara countered that Julie had supported Abigail through her mental illness.

"Abigail did not murder three people!" Julie exclaimed. "She tried!" Ciara countered. Ciara reminded Julie that Abigail had almost suffocated Marlena, Kate, and Vivian in the tunnels. "And Abigail actually did kill one person: Andre," Ciara finished. Julie grumbled that Abigail had done the world a favor when she had eliminated Andre.

"[Abigail] was terribly stressed with PTSD, which was brought on by Ben," Julie noted. Ciara pointed out that Abigail's main issue had been mental illness, and she had recovered enough to lead a normal, healthy life. "If Abigail can be cured, why can't Ben?" Ciara asked. Julie raised a questioning eyebrow. Ciara said that Ben deserved a second chance like Abigail.

"If the entire population of Salem would stop calling Ben a monster, maybe he wouldn't see himself as one," Ciara said. Julie told Ciara that she was a lot like Bo and Hope. "They had big, loving hearts, just like you do. They always wanted to give everybody a chance," Julie said. Julie added that Hope was not likely to be as open-minded about Ciara's choices as other people's choices.

"You are precious to [Hope]. As you are to me," Julie said. Ciara asked if Julie could make an effort to open her mind about Ben. Ciara reminded Julie that Doug had once been a con man. "People can change, Grandma," Ciara said. Julie said she believed in second chances, but Ben had been given multiple chances already. Julie added that Ben was in danger of suffering a relapse.

When Julie noted that Ben could hurt other people, Ciara mentioned that Ben no longer worked for Stefan. Julie's eyebrows shot upward, and she rolled her eyes. Julie confirmed that Ben was working for Stefan again. Ciara asked Julie how she knew about Ben's employment. Julie explained that Chloe had taken the day off work because Ben was installing security cameras at the mansion.

"I guess I understand why he took the job. He needed the job, and no one else would hire him, and since we're not even together anymore..." Ciara said. Julie asked Ciara if she understood that Ben's employment could drive him into a downward spiral.

At the DiMera mansion, Ben escorted Leo out of the house. Leo invited Ben out for drinks, but Ben declined. "You're straight, I know. It is painfully obvious, but I just meant as friends," Leo said. Ben noted that he was working. With a sigh, Leo said he needed to see about "a daddy." Ben asked Leo if he was talking about a sugar daddy. Leo sighed wistfully and said, "I only wish that's what I meant."

When Ben returned to the living room, he informed Stefan that the new cameras had been installed. Stefan thanked Ben for his work, and he told Ben to take the afternoon off. With a shrug, Ben explained that he had nowhere to go. With a smirk, Stefan noted that Ben appeared determined to stay away from Ciara.

"I have to forget her," Ben said. Ben explained that he did not want to hurt Ciara. Stefan asked Ben if he believed he could hurt Ciara. Ben said he was concerned about the darkness inside him.

"Whatever you got inside of you, Ben? Isn't going to turn you into some big, scary monster," Stefan advised. "I almost killed my sister," Ben countered. Ben argued that he was from a violent family and a violent childhood. Stefan noted that his own father was a violent man. Stefan added that, like his father's obsession with Marlena, he had been obsessed over Abigail.

"But that doesn't mean that I am doomed to obsess over only unattainable women or cursed to walk this earth alone, Ben. Just because our fathers directly or indirectly set us up for failure, doesn't mean that we have to fall into that trap," Stefan said. Stefan argued that he and Ben could break the cycle of violence and have love in their lives. Stefan added that Ben had to want love first.

"Do we deserve it?" Ben asked. "I believe I do, but you must decide that for yourself," Stefan said. With a nod, Stefan walked out. Ben looked over at Stefano's portrait and asked him if Stefan was right about breaking the cycle. Ben told Stefano's portrait that though he loved Ciara, he did not want to condemn Ciara to the same abusive fate Ben's mother had suffered at the hands of Clyde. Ciara knocked on the front door.

At the hospital, Diana sat with John in the waiting area and reminded him that she was there for him. Kayla updated John on Marlena's condition. John was eager to visit with Marlena, even though she was still unconscious. Diana volunteered to go with John, but he asked to be alone with his wife. Diana offered to get food for John instead.

As John went in to see Marlena, Diana thought about when she had injected penicillin into Marlena's I.V. fluid bag. "Hopefully, by the time I get back, it'll be goodnight for good, Marlena," Diana whispered.

In Marlena's hospital room, John muttered that he could not believe that Marlena was fighting for her life again, thanks to Kristen. "I should have known better when they didn't find her body, but I let my damn guard down," John complained.

"Nothing is going to happen to her now," Kayla assured John. After Kayla left to attend to other patients, John sat in the room alone with Marlena and told her that she was the love of his life. John reminded Marlena that she had promised in their wedding vows to grow old together.

"Don't you bail on me now," John said softly. Leo knocked on the door. John invited Leo in. Leo asked about Marlena. With a nod, John confirmed that Marlena was stable.

"I know your focus is on your wife right now, but did you have a chance to look at the DNA results?" Leo asked cautiously. John confirmed that he was Leo's father. Leo's mouth fell agape, and he grabbed John and hugged him.

"If I'd known you were my father, maybe things would have been different," Leo said solemnly. "We're together now, and we will make up for lost time. I can promise you that," John said. John turned toward Marlena and added that his reunion with Leo would have to wait until Marlena was doing better. With a nod, Leo said he understood.

"I heard that she was poisoned. I could be totally wrong here, but I just have this nagging feeling. Do you think it could have been my mother that tried to kill Marlena?" Leo asked. John narrowed his eyes.

"Why would you think your mother would try to kill Doc?" John asked. Leo noted that Diana had a thing for John. With a shrug, John countered that Diana understood that he was committed to Marlena. John added that the Diana that he remembered was not the kind of person that would poison a romantic rival. Leo hesitated, then explained that Diana had been damaged by her marriage to Richard Cooper.

"Do I think she could have done this? I know she is capable of anything. Even killing your wife," Leo said. Concerned, John looked at Marlena. "You must think I'm awful for trying to pin this on my own mother," Leo whispered. John said he understood that Leo and Diana had a difficult relationship.

"I thought that things would be better after he was gone, but she even blamed me for his death," Leo said. John asked why. Leo averted his eyes and noted that Diana blamed him for everything. Leo stressed that Richard's death had been a freak accident. Leo changed the subject to John's life.

"Trying to explain my life is a little complicated, especially when it comes to my past. That's why Marlena is so important to me. Through all the chaos and confusion, she was always my anchor. My lifeboat. And to this day, I don't know how I would survive without her," John said. Marlena's monitors started to beep. John called out for help, and Kayla rushed in. Kayla ordered John and Leo to leave the room. Leo slipped out, but John refused to leave.

In the pub, Diana sat at a table, stared at her phone, and muttered, "Will the woman just put me out of my misery and die already?" Diana imagined what it would be like to go into Marlena's room as John cried over a dead Marlena. In the fantasy, John told Diana that Marlena's last wish was for John to move on with another woman.

"The only person I would want to move on with is you," John said. Diana swooned and kissed John. Lost in her fantasy, Diana smiled to herself. "Soon, my darling," Diana whispered.

In the hospital chapel, Brady walked in as Sarah and Eric kissed. Sarah saw Brady in the doorway. Eric started to say the situation was not what it looked like. "It kind of looks like history repeating itself, brother," Brady said gruffly. Rex walked in. Brady said that there was some bad news that Rex needed to know. Concerned, Rex asked what was wrong.

"Kristen DiMera is alive," Brady announced. Brady explained that Kristen had poisoned Marlena. Rex asked Brady who had seen Kristen. Brady explained about Shelly's confession. Sarah stammered that she and Eric had been talking about Kristen before Brady had walked in. With a raised eyebrow, Brady asked if that was what he had walked in on. Suspicious, Rex narrowed his eyes as he watched Brady, Eric, and Sarah trade glances.

Brady and Eric suggested that everyone go check on Marlena. Still concerned, Rex asked if the brothers needed anything. "You're lucky to have a brother like him," Brady said pointedly to Eric. "I am. I know that," Eric said firmly. With a nod, Brady and Eric left and walked to the nurses' station.

Eric started to say something to Brady, but Brady cut him off and noted that he was more concerned with locating John. Kayla interrupted to inform Brady that John was in Marlena's room. With a nod, Kayla added that Marlena was not up to having more visitors. Eric asked Kayla about Marlena's status.

"She's the same. Her body just needs time to heal. Cautiously optimistic," Kayla reported. Brady said he was glad to hear the news. Concerned by the obvious tension, Kayla asked Eric and Brady if everything was okay with them. Eric and Brady both lied and said there was no problem. With a nod, Kayla left to inform John that Eric and Brady were in the waiting area.

Back in the chapel, Rex remarked to Sarah about the tension between Eric and Brady. Rex said he hoped the brothers could work out their differences without going to war with one another. Sarah nodded in agreement.

"I'm really concerned for my brother. [Eric] just seemed so on edge," Rex said. Sarah assured Rex that Eric was only worried about Marlena. "I hope I didn't make things worse," Sarah lamented. When Rex asked how, Sarah explained that she had a knack for saying and doing the wrong things. Rex disagreed. Rex reminded Sarah that she had been a rock for Eric after Nicole's death. Rex said he was glad that Sarah and Eric had been close.

"I have to admit, Brady told me something, and I can't get it out of my head," Rex said. When Sarah asked Rex what Brady had said, Rex groaned awkwardly. "He told me that Eric goes after his brothers' girlfriends, and I should watch out, because he might try to make a move on you," Rex said. Guilt fluttered across Sarah's face. Sarah assured Rex that Brady had no insight into her friendship with Eric.

"You would never go after my own brother, though you might be justified doing so based on what happened with Noelle and me," Rex said. Rex said he was more concerned about Eric's feelings than Sarah's feelings. With a smile, Rex told Sarah that she was perfect. Sarah groaned. Sarah assured Rex that Eric had never made a move on her and was not the kind of man that would do that.

"I promise I will not let Brady's words get to me. Especially since Eric has been so supportive of me," Rex said. Rex asked Sarah if Eric had talked to her about accepting Rex's marriage proposal. Sarah told Rex that Eric had talked to her. With a raised eyebrow, Rex asked if Sarah had made a decision. Rex assured Sarah that he did not want to push, but he was also anxious to spend his life with her. Sarah said she knew how much Rex loved her. Sarah added that she needed to be certain that she was ready to commit to Rex before she accepted his proposal.

"I get it. Although it is completely against my nature, I will be patient," Rex assured Sarah. Sarah's phone beeped with a hospital page. Sarah noted that there was an emergency with Marlena.

In the waiting area, Brady quipped to Eric, "You know, for an ex priest, you are a hell of a liar." Eric told Brady that he appreciated that Brady had not said anything to Rex in the chapel. With a glare, Brady argued that Rex had a right to know that Eric was "an untrustworthy bastard."

"After everything that we went through, how could you do this again?" Brady asked Eric. Eric explained that Brady had misunderstood the situation. "I am not pursuing Sarah Horton. That's all I'm gonna tell you. That's all you need to know," Eric said firmly.

"So, you're not pursuing Sarah?" Brady asked. "I'm not pursuing Sarah," Eric confirmed. Confused, Brady asked Eric if Sarah had kissed him. Eric stressed that he cared about Sarah, but that he respected that Sarah was in a relationship with Rex. "Like you respect that Nicole and I were a couple?" Brady asked. Rex warned Brady not to talk about the kiss for the sake of the family.

"You know damn well if you tell Rex what you saw, it will be pointless. It will be destructive. Especially right now with my mom. She is fighting for her life," Eric said. Rex joined Eric and Brady and asked about Marlena. Rex explained that the hospital had texted Sarah about an emergency. Eric and Brady warily eyeballed one another. Suspicious, Rex noted that although he could feel the tension, Eric and Brady needed to pull it together for Marlena. "Rex is right. All that matters is family. I think everything else can wait," Brady said.

In Marlena's hospital room, Kayla used a defibrillator to shock Marlena's heart. Sarah rushed into the room and surveyed the scene as John fidgeted nervously. John yelled at Marlena to fight for her life. Kayla stopped shocking Marlena, and she looked at John. "I'm sorry," Kayla whispered. John's eyes filled with tears.

After picking up takeout for John at the pub, Diana ran into Leo as she exited the restaurant. Leo warned Diana that it was not a good time to visit John. "I just left him in Marlena's room. She's flatlined," Leo said. Diana feigned surprise and said the news was terrible. "You really think so? Or is this exactly what you wanted?" Leo asked. Diana barely managed to suppress a smile.

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