Diana realizes that Marlena is still alive
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
by Mike

Tripp entered the loft apartment and immediately began complaining to Claire that the police weren't allowing Haley to have any visitors.

"Oh, God -- that is so unfair!" Claire declared with a feigned scoff of outrage. "This whole thing is unfair!" Tripp angrily stressed. "I still can't believe the cops just came and dragged her away like that... I mean, how -- how did Jack and Eve know that she was even here? Hardly anybody knew that Haley was hiding out here, which means somebody ratted her out...but who? I mean, who would do something like that?" Tripp continued. "Only three people knew that Haley was hiding here, which means one of them has to be the narc, and --" Tripp began to conclude, eyeing Claire suspiciously. "Ciara!" Claire blurted out.

Tripp found it hard to believe that Ciara would do something like that, especially after having passionately defended Haley's right to stay in the country, but Claire insisted that was the only explanation that made any sense. "Just think about the position Ciara was in," Claire reasoned, reminding Tripp that Ciara's mother was the police commissioner. "And she hasn't been around much since she left the hospital, [so] maybe she just feels a little guilty [about ratting out Haley] and doesn't want to face you," Claire added. "Face him about what?" Ciara asked curiously, joining Claire and Tripp inside the apartment.

Tripp awkwardly began to explain what was being discussed. "Only the three of us knew that Haley was hiding out here, and you've been MIA, so..." Tripp concluded. "I've been gone for one night!" Ciara clarified. "Were you avoiding me?" Tripp asked. "No -- I was staying at my mom's, actually. She was trying to help me feel better about Ben," Ciara replied. "You didn't say anything to Hope about Haley?" Tripp wondered. "No," Ciara assured Tripp. "[And] you obviously didn't say anything. That just leaves one other possibility," Ciara added, eyeing Claire suspiciously.

"Oh, God... You know what? Ugh, I -- I bet it was Mrs. Carney," Claire immediately suggested. "The old lady with the cats?" Ciara asked skeptically. "She might look like a space case, but I'm telling you, that woman does not miss a beat," Claire insisted. "The old hag is up into everybody's business all the time, and I think she listens through the walls, so as hard as we tried to keep Haley hidden, Mrs. C obviously got an earful and called the cops," Claire continued. "[And] after she complained to the building manager for the third time that I always play my music too loud, I kind of confronted her on it, [and] I called her a nosy old witch, [so] this is all my fault!" Claire concluded with a feigned sigh of regret. "Well, look, if Mrs. Carney did this, then we'll deal with her..." Tripp began.

"But the bigger issue here is that Haley's still in deep trouble, no matter who turned her in," Tripp added. Ciara nodded in agreement and stressed that Haley needed to find a good lawyer right away, prompting Tripp to ask Claire to try calling Belle again. "Don't forget -- she's in Hong Kong, with the time difference..." Claire pointed out. "It's the middle of the afternoon there," Tripp countered. "Right... Sorry -- like I said last night, math is not really my thing..." Claire replied. "I need to update my mom on Grandma Marlena, anyway, so...I'll go call her right now," Claire promised before retreating to her bedroom.

"I know that you're really into Claire and everything, but...don't you think she was selling that Mrs. Carney story a little too hard?" Ciara asked Tripp once the coast was clear.

"You didn't buy it," Tripp guessed. "Did you?" Ciara replied. "I'm actually surprised that Claire agreed to let Haley live here," Ciara continued when Tripp didn't respond right away. "Because she's undocumented?" Tripp assumed. "Because she's cute," Ciara clarified. "In case you haven't noticed, Claire can be a little insecure sometimes, [and] when she feels threatened, she's capable of doing some pretty messed-up things, [so if she] did something that was bad or secretive because she was jealous, it wouldn't be the first time," Ciara added. "Just keep your eyes open," Ciara advised Tripp, who nodded in response.

At the police station, Eli joined Haley in one of the conference rooms and immediately began asking questions about Marlena's poisoning.

Haley vehemently denied having given Marlena a box of poisoned cookies. "This isn't even my handwriting! Compare it to anything I've ever written!" Haley added, dismissively tossing aside the note card that Eli had presented as evidence. "We will," Eli threateningly promised before continuing to interrogate Haley, getting much more aggressive. Haley admitted to having made a brief visit to the hospital the previous morning but was quick to add that it would have been quite difficult to find an opportunity to carry out an elaborate plan to poison someone while also trying to hide from Eli and Lani, who had both been in the building at that same time.

Haley insisted that someone was framing her. "[And] with all the anti-immigration people who would love to see me kicked out or locked up, you have no shortage of suspects," she pointed out.

At the hospital, Sonny followed Will out of the chapel, offering words of encouragement about the power of prayer -- and the power of love. "Thanks for being here for me," Will said to Sonny, managing a smile. "Of course. I'm -- I'm always gonna be here for you. We're never gonna be apart again, now that Leo is finally out of our lives," Sonny replied, causing Will's smile to get bigger.

Meanwhile, Diana found John in one of the rooms, sitting beside an empty bed. "I am so deeply sorry!" Diana claimed while placing a comforting hand on John's shoulder, assuming that Marlena was dead. John pulled away from Diana and clarified that Marlena was still alive and was simply undergoing a series of tests in another part of the building at that moment. "Oh... Thank God..." Diana muttered, forcing a smile.

Diana soon began probing innocently for details about what had happened, eager to determine Marlena's prognosis as well as the status of the investigation into the cause of the poisoning. Shortly after John finished answering Diana's questions, Eli entered the room and announced that Haley had denied having any involvement in Marlena's poisoning -- and seemed to be telling the truth.

"Do you know of anyone who would have had a reason to target your wife?" Eli asked. "Years ago, Kristen DiMera tried a similar stunt -- you know, box of chocolates for Doc that were laced with penicillin, note was left by Susan Banks..." John recalled as Diana listened intently. "Kristen's presumed dead," Eli pointed out. "Well, Eli, you know, if there's one thing I've learned about Kristen DiMera...never presume anything," John replied.

After Eli left, John started to admit something to Diana, who quickly interrupted to report that Leo had already revealed everything that had happened the previous day.

"I'm not angry, [and] I'm not surprised. You always do what you have to do to protect the people you love," Diana noted, letting John off the hook for the safecracking incident. "Well, regarding the DNA results, uh...Diana, I'm really sorry that I doubted you --" John began. "No, no, no -- I completely understand," Diana assured John. "So, you know what Leo did..." Diana assumed. "No, no -- I never opened the envelope," John clarified.

"So, we can all just move on?" Diana asked. "That's what I was hoping," John confirmed before rushing off to check on Marlena.

At the police station, Haley received an unwelcome visit from J.J., who refused to leave without first saying a few things. "I am so sorry about what happened," J.J. began as Haley listened reluctantly. "I know that this is my fault, [and] I'm going to make it up to you -- that's why I brought reinforcements," J.J. continued as Justin entered the conference room. "He's here to help you. I hope you'll let him," J.J. concluded.

"I don't want your help!" Haley snapped at J.J. "I know you're angry --" J.J. patiently began to reply. "'Angry'? You know what? 'Angry' is an understatement! J.J., I might be thrown out of this country!" Haley stressed. "Which is why you need an attorney. And I don't see your sister stepping up," J.J. argued. "We can fight [this] together. You just have to give the okay," Justin helpfully added.

Just then, Eli returned to take Haley to the courthouse for a hearing. Haley worriedly agreed to accept Justin's help.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo entered one of the bedrooms and watched as Brady slept. "Aw... That is too bad..." Leo mused with a sigh, admiring Brady's nearly naked body.

"Wakey, wakey..." Leo eventually whispered, leaning over the empty side of the bed to get right in Brady's face. "What are you -- what...?" Brady groggily began, startled and confused. "Oh, my God -- what are you doing here? Get out of here!" Brady demanded while backing away and covering up with a sheet. "Relax," Leo calmly urged Brady. "'Relax'? Last time you were around me, you stuck your tongue in my mouth, dude!" Brady pointed out. "That's not gonna happen again..." Leo dryly promised. "You're damn right it's not gonna happen again!" Brady agreed before again ordering Leo to leave.

"Will you just listen to me for a second, bro?" Leo requested. "'Bro'? Don't -- okay, don't ever 'bro' me! I'm not your bro, all right?" Brady snapped. "Actually...you are," Leo insisted.

"What kind of scam you working now?" Brady asked, dismissing Leo's claim with a laugh of disbelief. "Don't take my word for it..." Leo replied before proceeding to share Diana's story -- and detail John's efforts to verify it. "I'm asleep still, [and] this is a nightmare," Brady decided while turning away from Leo, fluffing a pillow, and tightly shutting both eyes. "Oh, come on -- don't be such a drama queen!" Leo protested, taking a seat on the empty side of the bed. "Can't we just agree to put the past behind us and move forward? We have so much time to make up for -- and I know the perfect way to do it," Leo added.

"Does it involve you dropping dead and me going back to sleep?" Brady asked hopefully. "No, silly -- it involves you giving me a job at Titan," Leo clarified, quite serious.

Sighing, Brady reluctantly climbed out of bed. "I worked there before. Why wouldn't you hire me again?" Leo asked as Brady began getting dressed. "Oh, I don't know... Oh, wait -- it might have something to do with the fact that you sued the former CEO for sexual harassment and tried to drive the company into the ground!" Brady replied.

"Ancient history!" Leo dismissively insisted. "Really? You want to ask Sonny about that? You know, you almost ruined his life!" Brady pointed out. "And what kind of person do you think could pull that off?" Leo proudly countered. "A psychotic perv, maybe?" Brady suggested. "No, a smart person -- someone with vision, drive, and guts," Leo clarified. "You may not like me, but you cannot deny that I have had complete control over this family for months," Leo added. "Trust me -- you want me on your team," Leo concluded. "Trust me -- that's the last thing I want," Brady stressed.

"I've talked to Will and Sonny. I know that you dropped the charges against them," Brady suddenly revealed. "What can I say? I'm a great guy!" Leo replied with a shrug. "No, Leo -- you're desperate. You're watching your lavish lifestyle just come to a screeching halt, and now this is your last-ditch effort to get a handout," Brady guessed. "[Not] a 'handout' -- a job," Leo defensively clarified.

"I deserve something! I'm a victim, too!" Leo insisted. "You tortured people that I happen to love in this world with blackmail and threats, [and now] you come into this room, and you want pity?" Brady incredulously summarized. "You're not gonna get it. I don't give a damn if we share a father, Leo -- I want you to get the hell out of our lives," Brady added with finality.

"I'm sorry to hear you say that. We would have made a good team...bro," Leo said to Brady before exiting the bedroom. Leo headed downstairs and found Will and Sonny chatting in the living room.

"What are you still doing here?" Sonny asked. "Ugh! Why are you so rude? I dropped the charges against you two -- a little gratitude would be nice!" Leo replied. "We'll be grateful when you're gone," Will promised, and Sonny nodded in agreement. "Unbelievable! I do something kind and selfless --" Leo began to complain. "Oh, save it -- we talked to John last night, [so] stop pretending this is an act of charity on your part," Sonny impatiently demanded. "You're one to talk! Since we've been married, you haven't shown me a single ounce of kindness -- or anything else I wanted to see..." Leo bitterly countered.

"[Because] we don't have a real marriage," Sonny tiredly reminded Leo. "You blackmailed him into marriage because you wanted his money," Will helpfully added. "Good luck proving that," Leo dismissively countered. "We don't have to! It's over, Leo -- it's done! You are no longer a threat to us!" Will pointed out with a grin. "And I can finally divorce you," Sonny warned, also grinning.

"There's no need to use the 'D' word!" Leo protested. "I do not want to be connected with you -- legally or otherwise -- for another second," Sonny stressed. "You want to be with Will," Leo acknowledged. "I'm cool with that," Leo added. "Really? Because you have done nothing but try and keep us apart," Will skeptically argued. "Let's just say...I've evolved," Leo explained with a shrug.

"People want what they want, and they should have it -- all of it," Leo continued. "So...what, you're suggesting that we stay married in name only, and that I sneak around behind your back with Will?" Sonny asked incredulously. "That's not happening," Will insisted. "We have waited so long to be together. I want the world to know that [Will] is the man that I love -- the man that I'm committed to for the rest of my life -- and you are a parasite that I want to get rid of," Sonny elaborated. "Yes, but...why go through the whole rigmarole of a divorce? Let's just keep things the way they are," Leo reasoned.

"Or...better yet...we could bring Will into our relationship," Leo suggestively added. "We don't have a relationship, you moron!" Sonny reiterated. "But we could. I mean, why not? We're all modern, forward-thinking people..." Leo argued. "Okay, enough! Pack your bags and get out!" Sonny impatiently demanded. "For good," Will stressed. "Eh...not quite," Leo countered with a smirk.

Will and Sonny were both stunned when Leo suddenly claimed to be John's son. "Which means we're family," Leo cheerfully summarized. "I won't be Mr. Jackson Kiriakis anymore, [but] I will still be Uncle Leo, and that, dear boys, means I'm not going anywhere," Leo added before walking away. Will and Sonny stared at each other in silence, both looking sick.

Brady went to the hospital to check on John, who reported that Marlena was still in critical condition. After offering a few words of encouragement, Brady awkwardly changed the subject, unable to resist the urge to ask John about Leo's earlier claim. "I'm sorry, kid -- I'm afraid it's the truth," John confirmed, stunning Brady.

Meanwhile, Diana stood frozen in Marlena's room, staring at the empty bed in anger. "I almost pulled it off...but I am not giving up being with John -- not when I am so close. All I have to do is finish the job," Diana eventually decided, eyeing the I.V. bag.

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