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Friday, March 15, 2019

Alexis arrived at Neil's office late for a session. He mentioned that it was her money she was wasting; she mentioned that her daughter had told her that therapy was a waste of money. They sat down, and Alexis talked about the fact that her last therapist had switched places with his brother and had been a serial killer. She'd only had one session with him, but she was down on herself for not figuring it out.

Neil reminded her that no one else had guessed anything about the switch, but Alexis felt that she had talent in picking out psychopaths and should have known. She had been able to tell that something had been wrong. Neil thought that Alexis had been desperate to confide in someone, but he also thought she was brave to face her issues.

Alexis asked if she was the least or most crazy patient that Neil had, and he smiled. She paced the room as she listened to Neil talking about her running away when it was time to solve her problems. Alexis denied it was true, and Neil suggested she was holding back.

Soon after, Neil announced that time was up. He hoped that Alexis would be honest during their next session. She was annoyed and rushed out but returned to confess that she'd had a sex dream about Julian, and there had been a bottle of vodka.

Valentin met with Anna at Metro Court, and she told him she wanted information about her sister. They sat at a table. Valentin announced that he was getting married, and Peter would be his best man because he'd shown forgiveness. Anna was surprised but declared that it was important that she find Alex.

Valentin accused Anna of covering up the wrath of her request, but she claimed it was because she was sitting near Valentin. She added that she had something that belonged to Alex, and she needed to get rid of it.

Valentin was shocked after hearing Anna's story about her memory switch, and Anna didn't buy his sympathy. He warned her to be careful in the event that something she thought belonged to her really didn't. Anna asked him to stop stalling, but Valentin went on to discuss how similar they were in so many areas, like memories, betrayals, and lies. He urged her to remember the good.

Anna demanded to know where Alex was, but Valentin claimed to have not seen her for a very long time. The last time he'd seen her, she'd pretended to be Anna, he told her. Valentin insisted that he couldn't help and had no idea of Alex's whereabouts. He added that there was no secret brotherhood. Anna wanted Valentin to deliver a message.

Valentin agreed to get in touch with certain contacts after hearing Anna say that she wanted to make amends. She wanted him to tell Alex that she had a remedy to cure their nightmare. Valentin hoped the nightmare wasn't just beginning.

Chase lay on the couch, tossing a ball, when a knock at the door disturbed his thoughts. Thinking it was Willow returning, he called out and quickly answered. He was surprised to see Finn instead and assured him it wasn't a bad time. Chase admitted he'd had a date earlier, and when Finn asked about the "schoolmarm," Chase quickly corrected him and said she wasn't "anyone's marm."

Finn talked about Chase's career day stint, and the brothers made fun of each other. Finn grabbed a piece of leftover pizza as the guys sat on the couch. Turning serious, Finn acknowledged that he'd just been passing by, and he suggested that Chase call their father. Chase was worried, but Finn promised that nothing was wrong. He knew that their dad had followed Chase's search for the serial killer and had gone to Niagara Falls.

Chase replied that he hadn't been close to the killer, but before he said more, he cut himself off. He realized that Finn had been checking on him because he'd been worried. He teased his brother, and Finn insisted that Chase was his responsibility. He ordered Chase to stop grinning, and he got up to leave. Chase admitted that Finn's visit meant a lot to him. They advised each other to stay safe.

Sonny paced a room in Turkey until Dev returned and insisted that no one had seen him casing Raj's compound. Sonny wondered if he'd seen Dante, but Dev revealed that he'd only seen Raj's bodyguards. Sonny decided that he would have to sneak inside, and he gave Dev some money for his previous help. He wanted Dev to call the phone number on the paper Sonny had given him if Sonny didn't return. Dev told Sonny to be ready, and he left.

Shortly after, Dev took a dive into a trash bin as a couple of Raj's bodyguards looked for him. While Dev distracted the guards by picking a pocket, Sonny managed to sneak inside the compound. The guards gave up and headed back to their posts.

Inside, Raj sat at a desk in front of a laptop and was on the phone. Sonny walked in behind him and pointed a gun at his head. As Sonny demanded to know where Dante was, a door creaked. Dante walked through and stared at his father. He asked what Sonny was doing. A guard walked up behind Sonny and struck him on the head. Sonny fell to the floor.

"Now you'll never leave," Raj said to the fallen man. Eventually, Sonny stood up and urged Raj to let them go. Raj announced that he knew all about the WSB, and he held out his gun to Dante. Raj told him to do the honors. "What the hell is this?" Sonny asked as one of the guards kept his gun pointed at Sonny.

Raj insisted that Dante was happy there and was there of his own free will. He wanted to be a part of Raj's organization and could prove it. Raj told Dante to kill Sonny, who shook his head slightly at his son.

Michael met with Jason outside of Charlie's Pub and asked about Carly. He noted that there was always someone in his family who appeared to be on the edge of disaster. Jason maintained that Sonny had to stay focused on rescuing Dante.

Inside, Molly and Kristina argued after Molly had questions about Dawn of Day and called the group a cult. Kristina was angry and thought that Molly, of all people, would be on her side. Molly declared that Kristina no longer appeared to be speaking for herself, and she wondered whose thoughts Kristina had been voicing.

Kristina accused Molly of judging her from afar, while Molly replied that Kristina had always looked for the easy answers to her problems, and she suggested that Kristina stay true to herself. Molly didn't think that Kristina sounded like the sister she'd known, but Kristina snapped that Molly didn't know her. Kristina insisted she'd been changing and evolving and that Molly was never around to see that because she was always busy.

Molly and Kristina continued to argue, and as they argued, they grew louder. Jason and Michael seated themselves at a table and heard them. Michael disclosed that Kristina had been distant, but they'd had a talk recently. She had seemed okay, and he had even loaned her money for school.

At the bar, Molly reasoned that Kristina was taking classes, but it really wasn't school. Kristina handed her Shiloh's book, but Molly continued her attack. She wasn't afraid to say what she thought, unlike Sam or Alexis. She asked Kristina how much the classes cost, and Kristina explained that therapy cost people money, too.

Molly thought that Kristina had been keeping secrets and dropping friends. She didn't think that anyone was allowed to criticize Kristina's group. The girls continued to argue loudly, and Kristina ordered Molly to stay out of her life. Michael rushed over to them. Kristina told her sister to shut up, but Molly mentioned the classes that Kristina had been taking at DOD.

Molly continued that Kristina's classes involved the path of enlightenment, and it was a cult. Kristina rushed out as she declared that she couldn't deal with the negativity. "Cult," Molly said. She informed Michael that Kristina had been brainwashed, and they needed to do something. Michael wanted more information, and Molly turned to Jason for help. He flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Sam about Shiloh.

Molly insisted that if Sonny knew what Kristina had been up to, it would all be over. Jason thought that maybe Michael could reach Kristina, but he also thought they would have to let Shiloh think that he was winning so they could "take him down."

At the Dawn of Day house, Sam asked Shiloh to put a shirt on because she wanted to discuss Kristina. Shiloh thought that Sam was flustered seeing him without his shirt. She declared that she hadn't expected to see him like that, and he insisted that he didn't have to conform in his own house. Sam mentioned the unlocked door, and he replied that it was open for people seeking shelter. He assured her the doors were all locked at midnight.

Sam confided that she was worried about her sister, but Shiloh assured her they took care of each other. Sam flashed back to a conversation with Jason about Shiloh being dangerous. He put on his shirt. Sam confessed that she had doubts about Kristina, as she'd just seen her sister cut ties with one of her best friends because the friend had had questions about DOD.

Shiloh was sorry. "Are you?" Sam asked. She wondered if Shiloh had put Kristina up to it. Shiloh claimed it wasn't his business, but he would speak to Kristina about it. He suggested that many people often had to go "all in" with DOD, and he wondered if Sam would be able to do that.

Shiloh wanted to talk about Sam, and her pain and fear of commitment. He mentioned her shying away and stated that he had a course for that, which was step one. Sam asked about step two and declared that Shiloh's half nakedness didn't faze her. Kristina walked in and announced that Molly had lectured her.

Kristina appreciated Sam being there, and the sisters hugged. Sam noted that she hoped Kristina worked things out with Valerie, and she had to leave to get her kids. Shiloh hoped that Sam would consider what they had talked about.

After Sam had gone, Shiloh noted that he'd heard about Kristina's rough night. Kristina replied that she had cut the negativity from her life. She added that it had felt good to "sever ties" with those who were not accepting what she believed in. Shiloh was proud of her and announced that she was ready for the next step.

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