Laura learns the truth about Kevin and Ryan
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jason was pleasantly surprised to find Sam sitting in his apartment when he arrived home from Canada. The couple embraced, and Sam asked about Jason's search for Carly. He removed his jacket and told her that Ryan had been Carly's original neighbor at Ferncliff and had switched places with Kevin. He proceeded to tell her about the trip with Laura that had led them to Niagara Falls. He added that Carly and her baby were doing okay.

Sam revealed that things with Kristina had gotten worse. She and Jason sat on the couch, and Sam filled Jason in on Daisy's visit to ask for forgiveness and the strange tattoo that she had seen on Daisy's back. It had appeared that Daisy had been trying to make amends, but after Sam had spotted her tattoo, Daisy had seemed flustered and had fled the penthouse quickly.

Sam thought the tattoo had something to do with Dawn of Day, and she showed Jason the sketch that she'd made from memory. Daisy had not been able to provide any information on her tattoo, only that she had thought it to be cool. Sam revealed that she'd also learned that Kristina had borrowed money from Michael to pay for DOD classes, and Sam didn't think Michael had been aware of where the money would be going.

Sam thought that Kristina was getting deeper into DOD. Later, she played a video of Shiloh's rally from earlier that day. "Prepare to be enlightened," Sam told Jason. She thought Shiloh was convincing, and she pointed out that he had the skill to prey on vulnerable people. Jason saw a pattern, and Sam was convinced that DOD was a cult.

Jason and Sam found a definition and description for cults, and they agreed that it fit all that they knew about DOD. Jason read that it would be difficult to remove someone from such a group. Sam vowed to get closer to Shiloh, and she planned to get evidence against him. Jason suggested that information on the tattoo might prove to be helpful.

Kristina stood behind the bar at Charlie's Pub while Valerie sat on the other side. They looked at the video of Shiloh's rally, and Kristina asked Valerie if she'd been inspired. Valerie didn't think that Kristina was like her old self any longer, but Kristina declared that she had peace and self-confidence. Valerie admitted that she wasn't impressed.

Valerie considered Shiloh to have a big ego and assured Kristina that he wasn't the only one who cared about people. Kristina disagreed and wondered about Valerie's negativity. Valerie declared that she'd had a tough week, and the only thing that Kristina ever talked about was Shiloh and DOD. She had gone to the rally with Kristina because it had been the only opportunity to be able to spend time with her.

Valerie informed Kristina that she knew a con artist and a scam when she saw one and had only been looking out for Kristina. She asked about donations that Kristina had given, and she reminded her friend that she was an heiress who should open her eyes. Kristina felt like she was being attacked, and Shiloh only wanted to help people. Valerie called Kristina blind, and she stormed out of the pub.

As Harmony and Shiloh returned to the DOD house, she complimented him on his latest speech. She told him she wanted to be there with him and not in Beechers Corners, but she wondered if he was obsessed with Sam. Shiloh denied the obsession and instead told Harmony that she needed to concentrate on her work because her numbers were down. He wanted to know why her location hadn't produced more money.

Harmony wondered what had happened to the man who had told her he loved her and for whom she'd gotten the special tattoo. Shiloh insisted his love for her had only grown stronger. It was pure and spiritual, he explained. Harmony agreed that she had known she would have to share him, but it had been difficult. Shiloh suggested she look into herself to find peace at work.

Shiloh proceeded to ask Harmony if she'd heard from "her" because he'd thought that Harmony would be able to locate the one he'd lost. He declared that he would consider allowing Harmony to move to Port Charles if she proved able to locate "her." Harmony promised to do her best and make him proud, and she left the house.

Shortly after, Kristina arrived home. Shiloh praised the rally video that Kristina had posted, and Kristina assured him that many people had been interested. Shiloh acknowledged that he had been impressed with the way Kristina had spoken and listened to people at the rally. He thought she would make a good candidate for his Circle of Trust, which consisted of the people who were closest to him.

Shiloh believed that Kristina was on the "right path," more or less. He asked if she had been upset about Valerie, who had seemed bored and "put off" at the rally. Kristina replied that Valerie had been upset with DOD, and Shiloh advised Kristina that she would have to choose who to associate with.

At General Hospital, Amy helped Franco to get up and walk around in his hospital room. She told him that it had been difficult to keep reporters away, and he had been deemed a hero. Amy left Franco and ran into a drunk Ava by the nurses' desk. Ava wanted to see Kevin, but Amy told her he wasn't around. Franco saw Ava from his doorway and beckoned her to his room.

"So you can kill me, too?" Ava asked Franco. She knew it was him who had killed Kiki and that it hadn't been the man she loved. Franco replied that she knew it was Ryan, but Ava declared there'd been a mix-up, and Ryan was really dead. She held onto her flask as Franco tried to explain that his confession of the crimes had really been justice for Kiki and had been fiction.

Ava continued to argue with Franco. He pointed out that Ryan had wanted her dead, and she would be if it hadn't been for Jason. Ava thought it would have been better because every moment that she'd had with Ryan had been a lie. She sobbed as she recalled how it had felt to be with him the first time, a mere hour or two after he'd murdered Kiki.

Ava screamed and kicked a stool across the room. Amy rushed in, but Franco assured her everything was under control. Franco handed Ava a bottle of water as he sat on the bed beside her. He offered to listen to her talk, but Ava didn't think it would help her. She was in the depths of hell. Ryan had worshipped her and had helped her through the very grief that he had been responsible for. She hoped he was still alive so she could kill him herself.

Franco stressed that Ryan was already dead, but Ava reminded him that Ryan's body hadn't been found. She wasn't done with Ryan, and she wanted to know why he'd killed Kiki. Franco understood Ava's need for revenge, but he stated again that Ryan was dead.

Ava said maybe Ryan was dead, but she didn't want Franco involved in any way because he was close to getting everything he wanted with a real family. She declared that she had nothing, not even dignity, and she would punish Ryan.

Elizabeth was excited to see Cameron, who was exhausted after his long bus ride home from Niagara Falls. He wondered how bad his punishment would be, but Elizabeth assured him he wasn't the one she was disappointed with. Cameron couldn't believe he'd run into Ryan while he'd been away, and he guessed that Franco deserved credit for what had happened.

Cameron admitted that he'd really believed that Franco had committed the crimes, and he hadn't wanted to see his family destroyed because of Franco. He doubted that his concern had been apparent, and he apologized for his behavior. He thought that Elizabeth had to be feeling good after the truth had been revealed.

Cameron added that he'd missed his community service while away longer than expected, and he was worried that it would mess with his probation. Elizabeth promised to deal with it. They walked to Franco's room, and Elizabeth extended her sympathy to Ava, who announced that Franco had helped her. She motioned a thank you to Franco and left.

Cameron wanted to apologize to Franco for his behavior, but Franco replied that he should have been more transparent. Unfortunately, he'd been sworn to secrecy. Cameron called Franco a hero, and he added that he'd been impressed that Franco had been able to escape. Franco replied that he'd had to.

Laura checked in on Kevin, who had his vision back and was thrilled to see the face he'd missed. He declared that he was falling in love all over again, and they kissed. Kevin was all dressed, thanks to the clothes that Laura had dropped off, and she announced that he was able to go home. Kevin was excited.

Laura revealed that Ryan hadn't been found yet, although the cop she'd spoken to doubted he was still alive, between the freezing water and the fact that it led to the falls. Kevin was sorry, and Laura assured him it wasn't his fault, but she asked him how Ryan had been able to get into Ferncliff.

Kevin sat down on the bed next to Laura and explained to Laura how he'd received a call from the DVX about a problem operative. He'd felt bad because the outfit would have murdered the person. He should have called Anna or Robert, but he hadn't. The operative had been Ryan, and he'd been hallucinating and howling. Kevin had put him on meds, and after Ryan had seemed better, Kevin had asked about the almost 25 years that he'd been missing.

Ryan had told Kevin that he'd fled the country and had ended up working for the DVX. Kevin added that their father had also been a spy. He couldn't abandon his brother, who had always believed there was nothing wrong with himself. Ryan had overtaken him in Ferncliff, and he blamed himself. He revealed that he had been working with Ryan since May 2018.

Laura stood up, confused that Kevin had had a secret project during the entire time they'd either visited or spoken to each other. Kevin admitted that he hadn't known how to tell her, and he had been hopeful that Ryan would have made good progress. Laura began to shout at Kevin, who insisted that Ryan had been in a maximum-security situation.

Laura began to cry that Ryan had killed three people and had almost killed her daughter. Kevin should have turned him over to the authorities, she wept. Kevin maintained that he'd wanted to treat Ryan, and from there, his brother would have gone to prison. He had hoped for Ryan's redemption, but he regretted his actions. For months, he had been locked up and terrified that Ryan had been out killing people because of him.

Laura agreed that it was terrible, but she couldn't process it. She accused Kevin of having a misguided loyalty to his brother, and she was angry that he hadn't said anything to her. She turned and left the room in tears.

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