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Friday, March 15, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Ana wished Devon a good morning, and he considered it nice that she was talking to him. She guessed that they'd needed to cool off after the day before, but he pointed out that they hadn't had a big blowup. She referred to the betrayal on his part, and he questioned who had betrayed who, since he'd only been looking out for her. She lectured that being her big brother hadn't given him the right to go behind her back, and she threatened to leave if he did it again.

Devon argued that Ana had told him that she was up to her eyebrows in debt, and he'd had no idea that she'd lied about it when he'd run the credit check for her. She maintained that it had been wrong, and if he couldn't see that, she'd find someone else to buy her songs after what he'd done to her. Devon suggested that they start by discussing the house of lies that Ana had been building, but she retorted that he'd been the one who'd violated her privacy. He reasoned that he wouldn't have had to if she'd told him the truth.

Devon contended that he'd been trying to help Ana by buying her songs. She asserted that she'd earned every penny, and she hadn't known strings were attached. Devon countered that he hadn't known how deceitful she'd become, especially when he'd thought she'd been the one person he could trust. He demanded to know why she'd lied like it had been nothing. Ana figured that lying had been easier than telling Devon to back off because she liked her privacy.

Ana conceded that she could have handled things differently, but she'd never expected Devon to go behind her back. He apologized and noted that he'd been betrayed by people he loved more than once, so he'd assumed the worst, but he knew she was a good person who had done nothing but change his life since she'd gotten there. They agreed not to let it get between them, but he urged her to tell him if she needed anything. She promised that she would turn to her favorite big brother if she did, and they hugged.

At home, Nick asked Billy over the phone whether he'd had any luck tracking Rey down. Nick added that he was also trying, but he had a wedding to attend. Summer walked in as Nick hung up, and she scolded that he couldn't work on his daughter's wedding day. She exclaimed that she couldn't believe it, and he muttered that he couldn't, either. He insisted that she would always be his little girl, and she recognized that it seemed weird to have a wedding right after the trial. She figured that when something awful happened, it helped to be reminded that life was good and to have hope for the future.

Summer continued that life was short, so they had to grab on and never let go when they found happiness. Nick asked if Kyle made her happy, and she gushed that he did in every way. Nick replied that it was all he wanted, and he would love her forever. She promised that she'd always love him back, and they hugged. The doorbell rang, and Nick bristled when he found that Phyllis had let herself in. He coldly reminded her that they'd agreed to meet at the Athletic Club, but Phyllis wanted to help with Summer's makeup and dress.

Phyllis thought it would be meaningful to Summer to go to the wedding as a family. Phyllis acknowledged that Nick blamed her for the verdict, but she requested that he be furious with her the next day so that they could make that day the happiest one Summer had ever had. Summer was thrilled to see her mom there, and she pleaded with her parents to put aside their doubts and believe in her, since they'd eventually see that she and Kyle were meant for one another.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack discovered Kyle sprawled out on the couch in his pajamas. Jack asked if Kyle had forgotten what day it was, and Kyle replied that he'd just been contemplating the future. Jack observed that it had looked like Kyle had been contemplating nuclear war, and he questioned whether something was going on that was making the wedding happen faster than Kyle wanted or if he wanted it at all, since the girl Kyle had been in love with for months was in a hospital bed. Kyle remarked that sometimes love made people do the unexpected.

Jack advised that it would be better to hurt Summer's feelings then than start a lifetime of misery together. Jack wanted to be sure Kyle was doing it for the right reasons, and Kyle swore that he wanted it more than his father could possibly know. Jack warned Kyle not to keep his bride waiting, and he wished his son a lifetime of love. Jack headed to the wedding, and Kyle glumly sipped his coffee.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stared at her phone, and Tessa wondered what the attraction was. Mariah mentioned that she'd seen Kyle the day before, and Tessa inquired whether Mariah had talked sense into him. Mariah thought the fact that they were dressed for a wedding answered the question, and she complained that he wasn't answering her calls or text messages. Tessa questioned whether it was time for an intervention, and Mariah wished they could stage one, but the situation was very complicated.

Mariah cited her history of dropping bombs before someone headed down the aisle, but Tessa assured her that she'd done right by Sharon. Mariah pointed out that her mom had ended up a convicted criminal, but Tessa urged Mariah not to give up because Sharon still had people fighting for her. Mariah bemoaned that Sharon deserved to be home with her and Faith.

Nick, Phyllis, and Summer arrived at the Athletic Club, and Summer anxiously looked around for Kyle. Phyllis clucked that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony, and Summer worried about whether Kyle would show up. Phyllis stepped aside to check in with the manager, and Victor approached Summer and said she looked beautiful. Summer declared that she'd never been happier or more nervous in her life, and she thanked him for being there. Victor swore that Nikki and Victoria were there in spirit.

Nick pulled Victor aside and grumbled that he was no happier than Victor was that Phyllis was there, but she was Summer's mother. Victor promised that Nick had nothing to worry about from him, since he was there for Summer. Nick asked what was on the horizon for Nikki and Victoria, and Victor reported that he'd made a call to the governor's office. Victor vowed not to leave any stone unturned, and Nick was sure that between the two of them, they'd make things right.

Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Mariah stammered that Summer looked beautiful. Tessa asked where the groom was, and she inquired whether Summer was sure he'd be there. Summer recognized that they looked at the marriage as a mistake, but it was happening no matter what anyone thought. Summer proclaimed that it was the happiest day of her life, and she refused to let anyone ruin it.

Jack and Kerry greeted Summer, who asked if they'd seen Kyle. Jack mentioned that Kyle had been getting ready when he'd left him. Summer stepped aside and left a voicemail for Kyle, cautioning him not to stand her up, since selfish decisions had very bad consequences.

Later, Summer whined that Kyle should have been there by then. Phyllis wondered if he'd gotten cold feet, and she pointed out that it was normal for people to be nervous. Summer worried that something had happened to Kyle, but she told herself that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her, so she had to stay positive. Phyllis insisted that she was on Summer's side, and she assured Summer that there was nothing to worry about.

Jack sympathized with what Victor's family was going through after the verdicts, and the men agreed that it was a travesty. Jack admitted that the wedding had surprised him, and Victor pictured them becoming a big, happy family. Victor said he looked forward to becoming a father figure to Kyle again, but Jack snapped that it wouldn't be necessary. Victor figured that it would only happen if Kyle showed up for the wedding.

Abby and Arturo entered the club, and she was disappointed that the ceremony wasn't already underway. Abby wondered if the groom had reconsidered, since Kyle obviously adored Lola, and the wedding was bogus. Arturo didn't want to stir up trouble if Rey's theory was right and if Kyle was only doing it to save Lola. Abby swore that her lips were sealed.

Phyllis greeted Jack as the father of the missing groom, and Jack indicated that he hadn't received any word from Kyle. Kyle suddenly appeared and announced that he wouldn't miss it for the world. Summer excitedly called to Kyle from across the room, and she told him to turn around because he couldn't see her in her dress. He apologized for being late, and she asked if he'd gotten her message. He informed her that he'd been too busy getting there, and she told him to delete it.

Kyle surmised that Summer had been afraid he'd had cold feet. He stressed that he'd given her his word, and he intended to honor it, since the wedding meant everything to him. He asked what they were waiting for, and she told him to close his eyes while she told everyone they were ready, cheerfully adding that she loved him. He said he would see her soon, and she hurried off. He grabbed a glass of Champagne and chugged it.

Phyllis and Nick escorted Summer down the aisle, and Summer beamed at Kyle while he forced a smile. The minister declared that it was refreshing to see everyone gathered to celebrate the love between Summer and Kyle, which he imagined would become deeper and sweeter as the years went by. He mentioned that the couple had written their own vows, and Summer hoped she remembered them. Summer took Kyle's hands in hers and gushed that it felt like she'd loved him for a million years in a thousand different ways.

Summer recalled that she and Kyle had drifted in and out of one another's lives hundreds of times, but it was the way the universe worked when people were meant to be together. She added that he'd seen her at her best and "not-so-best," and he understood her in a way no one else ever could. She stated that she'd found her safe place with him, and she promised to always love him and to make him happier than he'd ever dreamed he could be.

At the hospital, Lola struggled to pull the phone toward her. She dialed a number and got Kyle's voicemail, and she left a message to ask why he hadn't returned to see her the day before. She weakly stated that she missed him like mad, and she requested that he call her back or stop by to see her. She professed her love.

Meanwhile, Kyle said he'd never thought he'd fall in love, since work had been all he'd needed, but then his life had suddenly gone boom. He compared experiencing love that intense to a wrecking ball turning everything upside down, like someone had tattooed love on his soul and become a part of him. He admitted that he hadn't been sure he'd wanted to accept it at first, but finding someone smart, beautiful, and passionate didn't happen every day, and he knew that fate had pushed them together.

Kyle promised that he would stand by Summer's side because it was where he belonged, and he pulled a ring box from his pocket and explained that it had been the reason he'd been late. Kyle showed Summer the ring, and she exclaimed that she loved it and loved him. Kyle and Summer exchanged rings, and the minister directed them to kiss one another for the first time as husband and wife. They obliged, and the guests applauded.

Jack welcomed Summer Abbott to the family. Kyle recognized that he should have asked for Nick's blessing, and he promised to take good care of Summer. Phyllis wished the couple the best life had to offer. Mariah pulled Kyle aside and dryly noted that he'd lived up to his pledge to do anything for Lola. He firmly stated that he'd had to, and she asked how Lola was doing. Kyle reported that Lola was holding her own, but he couldn't speak to her. He confirmed that the surgery was a go for the next day, and Mariah wished there had been another way. Kyle mused, "You and me both."

Victor wondered if Abby had given any thought to her own ceremony. She wanted to talk about what happened next for Nikki and Victoria, and she swore she was there for him. He pledged to fight the convictions with every fiber of his body.

Phyllis told Kerry that it had been nice to see her face there, and Kerry said there was no need to thank her. Phyllis confided that she didn't have a lot of friends, so it had meant a lot that the one she had was there. Phyllis added that Kerry's support and friendship meant everything.

Victor called Kyle a member of the family, and he suggested that they have a new beginning. Kyle said he'd like that very much, and Victor inquired about how it was to work at Jabot with Phyllis at the helm. Victor assumed that it didn't leave much room for Kyle to grow, and Kyle admitted that it could be challenging at times. Victor invited him to return to Newman, since the door would always be open as long as Kyle treated Summer well. Kyle gave his word that he would.

From the bar, Jack suspected that Victor was already trying to lure Kyle back to the dark side. Kerry insisted that Kyle could take care of himself, since Jack had taught him well. Kerry added that she had intel about Jabot, since Phyllis was plotting to keep Ashley's new products out of the marketplace. Jack didn't know how to thank Kerry, and she cooed that she could think of a few ways. He made a beeline to get their coats, and she sent a text message, informing someone that the Jabot war had begun.

Summer prompted Abby to congratulate her, but Abby thought her silence was the best gift she could give Summer. Arturo wished Kyle luck. Kyle asked if Summer was okay, and she said she was a little tired. He offered to get her something to eat, and she purred that room service sounded nice. She revealed that she'd booked a suite upstairs, since their honeymoon was a cover story, and they deserved one night to celebrate. She pointed out that the next day would be there in a few hours, and she wanted to make the most of their time. He struggled to hide his feelings.

Abby wondered what Mariah thought about the wedding, and Mariah vaguely commented that it had really been something. Abby noted that it wasn't a ringing endorsement, and Mariah asked about Lola. Arturo mentioned that they were about to head out to check up on his sister, and Mariah sent her love. Abby and Arturo exited, and Mariah joined Tessa at the bar. Tessa pondered how long it took to recover from a transplant and a broken heart, and Mariah groaned that her own heart was breaking with her mom in prison, Tessa's head on the chopping block, and Kyle trapped in "personal hell." Tessa assured Mariah that they would get through the craziness together, and they kissed.

Phyllis thanked Nick for the truce, and she was sure it had meant a lot to Summer to have them there as a united front. Nick clarified that the truce had been temporary, and the wedding was over. He answered a call and asked if Billy had found Rey. Nick hurried out.

Summer and Kyle entered their suite, which had been decorated with candles and flower petals. She swore that she hadn't set the scene, and she bet that the club did it for all the newlyweds. He admitted that it wasn't what he'd been expecting, and she assured him that she wasn't going to fool herself into thinking he was completely over Lola. Summer understood that he needed time, but she insisted that she'd meant everything she'd said in her vows. She thought it could also be real for him if he gave it a chance, and she asked if he could meet her halfway.

Summer emerged from the bathroom in white lingerie, and she invited Kyle to indulge in some Champagne, even though she couldn't. He anticipated celebrating after the surgery, and she remarked that the following day was big for all of them. She added that she'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous, and she shared that her head was full of "what ifs" -- what if she didn't survive and what if it was the last night she was alive. Kyle swore that nothing would happen to her because he wouldn't let it, and they embraced.

Summer whimpered that her family didn't even know, and she felt alone. Kyle asserted that he was her family, and he promised that he would be there every second before and after the surgery. She kissed him, and they pulled apart before kissing again more passionately. They started to undress. Kyle picked Summer up in his arms and set her down on the bed, and they began to make love. Meanwhile, Lola stared despondently at the phone.

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