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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In the design office at Forrester, Donna took coffee to the busy Katie. As Katie worked, Donna noted that Bill had picked Will up for school that morning. Donna also noted that Katie looked "extra glam" that day. Surprised to hear it, Katie thanked her sister.

Donna asked if Katie looked the way she did because Katie had seen someone special. "Are you talking about Bill? Seriously?" Katie asked. Shrugging, Donna claimed to merely be saying that Katie looked pretty -- in her new outfit.

Katie replied that she'd had the dress in her closet for a long time. Additionally, she liked to think that she usually pulled herself together for work -- not because she was trying to seduce her ex over her son's bowl of cereal. She was adamant that she hadn't thought of Bill while dressing that day.

Donna guessed it was a coincidence that Kate looked all glam on the day Bill had picked Will up for school. "Or maybe you're falling for him again, and you just don't know it yet," Donna concluded. Katie didn't remember asking for Donna's opinion. Katie said that Bill stepping up as a father didn't change things between them. Donna thought Katie wasn't giving it a chance.

Katie stated that they'd been married twice. Donna reasoned that the third time could be a charm. Katie asked if she had to remind Donna of all Katie and Bill had gone through. Donna said Katie needed to see herself whenever she talked about Bill.

Donna figured that Katie was accustomed to pushing Bill away and afraid of being hurt, but she could tell that Katie longed to reunite her family. She thought it would be the smartest thing Katie could do. Donna said it would be beautiful if Katie and Bill found each other again.

Katie quipped that her life wasn't a romance novel. "No, but it could be," Donna replied. Donna exited, and Katie received a phone alert that she was supposed to have lunch with Brooke at Il Giardino. Katie seemed puzzled by the alert.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Sally met with Justin and Bill to go over phase one of the design house. Justin stated that things were moving slowly. He assumed it was because Bill's attention was focused on Will and Katie, which Justin wholeheartedly approved of. Bill didn't appreciate Justin giving out play-by-plays of Bill's social life.

Wyatt thought that it was great that Bill was spending more time with Katie and Will. Bill didn't care what the men thought. Pointing at Sally, he ordered her not to chime in. Sally said she hadn't planned on it, "but now that you mention it..."

Deciding to set "you clowns" straight, Bill insisted that it ended with parenthood between him and Katie. Justin and Wyatt pretended that they believed it. Bill insisted that he and Katie respected each other and were doing well raising their kid. He wanted to leave it at that.

Sally said they made a cute family. Wyatt thought of how happy Will would be. "Not to mention how happy Katie would be," Sally added. Justin thought that if Katie and Bill weren't so stubborn, it might happen. Bill exclaimed that Katie wasn't interested in him that way, and she'd just gotten rid of the loser Thorne. Bill figured Katie needed space. Sally replied that one only lived once, and Bill should tell Katie how he felt.

"I'll tell the three of you how I feel -- annoyed! And as far as Katie is concerned, I don't feel any kind of way," Bill responded. Wyatt said Bill wasn't fooling anyone. Justin believed that Bill was his best when he was family-focused. In Justin's opinion, working on his relationships with his sons was the right thing for Bill. Justin asked why Bill couldn't take the next step and reunite his family with Katie.

To Bill's chagrin, Justin and Wyatt persisted in trying to convince Bill that he should reunite with Katie. Bill received a phone alert. Chuckling, he said it was too bad that they had to wrap things up. He had a meeting with the mayor at Il Giardino. He said that while he was gone, they needed to stop focusing on his love life and get some work done.

Later, Donna arrived as Justin, Sally, and Wyatt seemed to be concluding their meeting. Justin's eyes drank her in, and he said it was always good to see her. Donna noted how well he looked, and Wyatt asked if the two of them wanted to be alone.

"Not if you want to hear that good news," Donna replied. She revealed that a reconciliation between Katie and Bill could happen. Wyatt replied that they'd just been talking about that. Sally asked if Katie had said she'd be into it. Donna said she could tell that Katie was hiding her feelings. Wyatt asked who else would have the patience to put up with his father.

Donna asked where Bill was. When she heard that he was headed to Il Giardino, she scoffed and revealed that Katie was on her way there, too.

At Il Giardino, Katie saw Bill at a table. She asked if he'd seen Brooke. Bill hadn't. Katie replied that she was supposed to meet Brooke for lunch -- or at least that was what she thought. Katie said she might have the wrong day, and she didn't remember making the plans with her sister.

Bill said he'd had a meeting, too, and it was odd to him that the person who he was meeting wasn't on time. He asked Katie join him, and she took a seat. Bill decided that he wouldn't be upset if the meeting didn't happen because it meant that Katie might have lunch with him.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam rushed to answer his phone. Steffy was on the line. She needed to talk to Hope and Liam about something. He asked if the girls were okay. Steffy assured him that they were fine, but she needed to talk to Hope and Liam together.

At the cliff house, Hope and Liam arrived and wondered what was going on. Steffy had news, and she said it affected Liam and Hope, too. Steffy announced that she was heading to Europe. She had presentations at International and meetings with buyers in other cities. It all had developed quickly, and Steffy was leaving in a few days.

Liam assumed the girls would go with her. Steffy said it would be their first trip abroad, and she was taking the nanny with her. She hoped her mother would visit, too. Steffy said she wasn't going just for herself. She hoped her time away would help Hope. Steffy believed that time away from her and the girls would help Hope get over losing Beth.

Hope didn't want Steffy leaving and taking the girls from Liam because of Hope. Steffy said it wasn't the only reason she was leaving, and her stepping away would be good for Hope. Liam believed that Steffy had a point and said it would give him and Hope time alone together. Insisting that his place was with the girls, Hope decided he should go with Steffy.

Steffy said they'd already been over it, and Hope couldn't push Liam and Steffy together. "No way. This is settled. This is not happening. Can you stop bringing that up? Please?" Liam said. Hope insisted that she was messing everything up and keeping them from being a family.

Steffy asserted that they weren't going there again. Steffy said she was taking the girls for a little while, and Liam would be able to talk to them and video chat with them. Hope was worried about what Liam would miss out on. Steffy knew that Hope was worried about the children, but Steffy believed that Hope needed to focus on herself and her marriage.

Hope didn't know why Steffy's trip had to be about Hope's grief. Steffy said she and Liam were worried about Hope, who needed to banish the idea that she was keeping a family apart. Asserting that Hope wasn't doing that, Steffy explained that she'd chosen how to raise the girls, and Liam had chosen to be married to Hope. Steffy stated that Hope was his wife, not Steffy, and his place was with Hope, not Steffy. Liam repeated that his place was with Hope.

Hope said it made sense, and she understood what Liam and Steffy were saying. Hope still didn't understand why she had a strong connection to the baby. The girls stirred, and Steffy and Liam went to get them. Hope glanced at the portrait on the wall and gazed around the room.

Liam and Steffy returned with the children, and Steffy gave baby Phoebe to Hope. Steffy said that, after that day, they would not have the conversation again, and Hope needed to stop insisting that Liam be with Steffy. Steffy wanted Hope to take the time to heal, to strengthen her marriage, and to reconnect with Liam. Steffy even hoped Hope might have another baby.

Steffy hadn't thought she'd have a baby after her miscarriage, but she had two little girls. She hoped that, by the time she got back, she'd hear that Hope had started to rebuild. Hope didn't know if she could. Steffy believed Hope could do it and was certain Hope would be a mother. Steffy wanted Hope to be smiling and to have a little one of her own when Steffy got back from Europe.

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