Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki are found guilty
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
by Nel

At home, Nick told Summer that they had to get to court for the verdict. He confronted Summer about her engagement to Kyle. Summer gushed that it would be everything she'd ever wanted. She asked Nick to walk her down the aisle the next day. Nick was floored and wanted to know why the wedding had to be the next day, especially since he hadn't been aware that Summer and Kyle had been dating.

Nick tried to convince Summer that it was a bad idea because Kyle had just broken up with Lola, but Summer claimed that Kyle had recognized that he and Lola weren't meant to be. Nick implored Summer to wait, but Summer reminded him about his unions with Sharon and Phyllis. Nick explained that he had rushed back to Phyllis too soon, and he told Summer to look at how that had turned out.

Nick stated that if Summer and Kyle were meant to be, they could get married at a later date when things weren't so chaotic within the family. Summer said that it was because of what had been going on with Nikki and Victoria that she wanted to marry Kyle immediately and cherish every moment with him. Nick continued to push Summer to change the wedding date, but Summer remained steadfast. She stated that nothing would stop her from marrying Kyle the next day.

In the courtroom, everyone had been waiting for the verdict. Billy expressed his concern about Victoria being sent to prison. Jack tried to keep Billy optimistic, but Billy said he was concerned about how he'd tell Katie and Johnny. Billy, Jack, and Abby reviewed the evidence that had been presented, and they hoped it would result in an acquittal.

Phyllis arrived, and Billy confronted her about being there. Phyllis said she didn't want to create a scene, but she needed to be there to support the ladies. Billy walked away.

Tessa arrived and hugged Mariah. She told Mariah not to worry about her. Mariah was worried because Sharon's future was in the hands of strangers.

Nick and Summer arrived and sat down.

Christine, Brittany, and Michael arrived. Once they were seated, Brittany told Michael that Christine looked very confident. Michael assured her that Christine was very nervous under that calm façade. Michael and Brittany counseled their clients about protocol once the judge arrived.

The judge entered the courtroom and informed everyone that outbursts would not be tolerated. Anyone who created a disruption would be escorted out, and they would face with legal charges. The judge asked if the jury had reached a verdict. The verdict was read, and Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had been found guilty. The judge dismissed the jury. She informed everyone that sentencing would take place in two hours. Phyllis stormed out.

Michael told Nikki and Victoria that he would file an appeal.

Sharon told Brittany that she almost felt relieved. Mariah tearfully offered to make a public plea on GC Buzz, but Brittany advised her against it and said that it was just a waiting game. Mariah told Sharon that she would not allow the circumstances to rip them apart. Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki were escorted to a holding room to await their sentencing.

Jack told Abby and Summer that he'd known there could be a possibility they would be found guilty, but he had never believed it would happen. Abby asked if Summer planned to go through with her wedding the next day, because the timing was poor in light of Nikki's verdict. Summer disagreed and said the timing was good for her and Kyle, and she added that Nikki would understand.

Abby reminded Summer that Nikki and Victoria would be going to prison, and no one would want to smile through Summer and Kyle's nuptials. Summer retorted that Abby didn't need to attend. Summer believed that it would be good for everyone to focus on something happy, and she left. Abby asked Jack to speak to Kyle. Jack informed her that Kyle was as gung-ho about the wedding as Summer. Abby said she was going to do something about Summer's wedding, and she left.

Billy yelled at Michael for calling Tessa to the stand because Tessa had made the other women look like career criminals. He accused Michael of presenting a failed strategy. Michael told Billy that he'd done the best he could with the information he'd been given. He said that his clients had continually changed their stories, and they had lied. Billy shouted that J.T. had almost killed Victoria that night, and he accused Michael of being incompetent.

Nick stopped Billy's rampage. Nick said that Billy's actions wouldn't change the results. Nick said they needed a plan that would overturn the verdicts. He said there was a piece missing -- the mystery man who had burned down the stables and planted evidence to frame Victor. Nick wanted to know who had been hiding in the ranch walls. He believed that J.T. was alive and that no one had a greater motive to exact revenge than J.T. Nick said they needed to find J.T. Billy agreed to help.

In her office at Jabot, Phyllis was agitated when Kerry arrived. Kerry hadn't expected to see Phyllis in the office. Phyllis informed her that the women had been found guilty, and Phyllis should have done more to help them. Kerry claimed that Phyllis was a good person and that she had tried to help. She said it wouldn't have helped if Phyllis had gone down with them because Phyllis needed to win at work.

Phyllis wanted to get her mind off the trial and told Kerry she wanted to show the competition that Jabot was the boss. She said that Jabot had the best products and the superior marketing, but it wasn't a clear race to the top. Jabot needed to be aggressive, but in order to share her plans with Kerry, she had to swear Kerry to secrecy. Kerry agreed and wanted to help in any way she could.

Phyllis said that their biggest competition was Ashley's new company, and it had made a big splash. Phyllis claimed that she'd found a way to neutralize Ashley's big splash by keeping Ashley's products out of the marketplace. Phyllis wasn't ready to give Kerry all the details, but she promised to provide information when the ball started rolling.

Phyllis asked Kerry how long it would be before "Jack of Hearts" would hit the stores. Kerry advised her that production had almost wrapped up. She offered to take anything off Phyllis' hands because she knew that Phyllis was on bride duty the next day. Phyllis said the timing was terrible, but when Summer put her mind to something, she made it happen. Phyllis said that things would be awkward when she and Nick had to walk down the aisle with Summer.

Phyllis hoped that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon's sentences would be light. She thanked Kerry for stepping in to help her. Phyllis said that Kerry's friendship meant a lot to her. She said that she felt like the town leper. She acknowledged that Kerry had shown her that Kerry was a true friend, and Phyllis wouldn't forget it.

Alone in the reception area, Kerry called someone and said that she might have just hit the motherlode.

Abby caught up to Summer at Crimson Lights and asked Summer why it was so urgent to get married the next day. Summer stated it was because she and Kyle loved each other, but Abby told Summer to cut the crap. She said that Lola was her friend and future sister-in-law and she was in hospital, fighting for her life. Abby accused Summer of flying in on her broom to steal the man Lola loved. Abby said she'd seen Kyle and Lola together, and they were in love in spite of Summer's claims.

Abby asked if Summer was Lola's donor. Summer denied it. Abby pointed out that the timing was odd -- Lola got a donor, and Summer got a husband. Abby said it didn't take a genius to put the two events together. Summer claimed that she didn't wish Lola any harm, but Lola wasn't her concern. She and Kyle had always loved each other. She admitted that different things had gotten between them, but they had always found their way back to each other.

Abby told Summer that Lola was the love of Kyle's life and, she deserved to have Kyle by her side when she woke up after surgery. Abby said she wouldn't let Summer ruin that because of some game she was playing. Summer denied playing a game and accused Abby of being jealous of everything Summer had -- like Austin, her job in Dubai, and her wedding.

Abby rolled her eyes at Summer's accusations. Summer called Abby a "bridezilla" because Abby had become engaged at someone else's vow renewal, and she had plastered her engagement over every social media and media site in existence. She accused Abby of being desperate and tacky. Abby reminded Summer that her dog and pony show wedding was a total sham. Abby said she would figure out what was going on.

Summer advised Abby not to attend her wedding because of Abby's hostile attitude, but Abby assured Summer that she would have a front row seat at Summer's train-wreck wedding. Abby stormed out.

Summer returned to the courthouse and sent Kyle a text message: "At court … everyone will need wedding to look forward to if bad news. Love you."

Mariah and Tessa bumped into Nick in the hallway outside the courtroom. Mariah asked if Nick was happy that Tessa had been arrested. Nick said that was what happened to people who engaged in blackmail. Mariah tearfully said that Nick had known that she'd been worried about losing Sharon and Tessa, and thanks to Nick, it had happened. Nick told Mariah that it had all happened because of Tessa.

Nick told Mariah he loved her and that he was sorry for what she'd been going through, but he advised Mariah to cut Tessa loose and save herself a lot of heartache in the end. Mariah said she believed in second chances. Nick asked Mariah to let him know how that worked out for her, and he walked into the courtroom.

When the judge returned for the sentencing, she asked for Christine's recommendations. Christine said that the jury had given a very clear, strong, and definitive verdict, and she asked for the maximum sentence. She felt that the punishment needed to fit the crime.

Brittany stated that Sharon had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and that Sharon had tried to do the right thing. However, she'd been coerced into remaining silent, and she'd been coerced by a detective who had wanted to further his career. She asked for leniency.

Michael stated that Victoria had been a victim of horrific emotional and physical abuse. Her mother had walked in on such an attack and had defended her daughter. Michael asked for leniency. He requested that character witnesses be permitted to speak on behalf of all the defendants.

Billy described Victoria as an amazing daughter, smart businesswoman, great friend, and terrific mother. He said their kids needed their mother, and so did Victoria's teenaged son, who had loved his father and had lost him. He said J.T. had tried to take everything from Victoria, as well as her pride and her dignity. Billy said he believed that J.T. would have taken Victoria's life if he'd had the chance. Billy begged the court not to allow J.T. to rob Victoria of the life she deserved or take her away from the people who loved her.

Jack said Victor would abhor the idea that Jack spoke on Nikki's behalf, but one thing was certain: he and Victor were in total agreement that Nikki was an amazing woman. She was the heart, soul, and glue that held her family together. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity had been well known in Genoa City. She had always been there with a hug or a helping hand, even when some were at their worst. Jack admitted that Nikki had been there for him on a couple of occasions. He asked for leniency on her behalf, and not because she had MS, which would be exacerbated with a long prison sentence, but because she was one of the best women he'd known.

Nick stated that he cared deeply for his mother, his sister, and the mother of his children. He stated that if the women went to prison, it would tear their families apart. He said the women had known they'd made a mistake, and they were remorseful. What they'd done would haunt them for the rest of their days. He'd seen the toll it had taken on them, but sending them to prison wouldn't do anyone any good, only create a crater-sized hole in the community and in people's hearts. He begged the court for mercy.

Mariah tearfully stated that Sharon didn't have a malicious bone in her body. She helped victims of crime, served the homeless on Thanksgiving, and put spiders into a jar so she could set them free. Mariah admitted that she hadn't spent her early years with Sharon, and she'd been the worse for it; when she'd entered Sharon's life, she'd been broken and damaged. She admitted that she'd done a lot of really terrible things to Sharon, but Sharon had responded with kindness. Mariah said she was a living testament of the effect that Sharon had on people.

Mariah stated that even though she'd missed out on the early years with her mother, Faith still needed her mom. She said it broke her heart when she thought about Faith being robbed of her mother. She said that Sharon didn't deserve to go to jail, and she asked the court to show compassion because that was what Sharon had shown others her entire life.

The judge stated that she had taken both the defense and prosecution's sentencing recommendations into account. The character witness statements from family and friends had been very persuasive, but her focus had to remain on the facts.

The judge believed that Victoria had been abused by her ex-fiancé, but it didn't excuse the fact that a life had been taken, nor did it excuse that the defendants had taken the law into their own hands. The defendants might have been very loving and caring in their personal lives, but with regard to J.T.'s death, they had been callous and arrogant. They'd thought they could outsmart law enforcement and avoid the consequences. She said she'd had no choice but to be strict in sentencing them.

Sharon received a sentence of three years, Victoria received a sentence of ten years, and Nikki received a sentence of thirty years in prison. Everyone was devastated.

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